Product Design

Web and Interaction
A selection of Interaction Design prototypes and solutions
Role: UX designer, Interaction Designer, UI designer
Mobile and Responsive
A selection of Mobile and Responsive prototypes and solutions.
UX design, UI design, Interaction design
Human centered UX design & Flows
A selection of projects that illustrate the human centered design process.
UX design, UX Research, Design Process
Investment Management Enablement: A unified, intuitive, intelligent system enabling better decision making, collaboration, and workflow in support of investment creation and management.
UX Design, UX Research, Interaction Design, Process
UWA Medicine Virtual Campaign
Selections from the full "pitch" for an advertising campaign for the University of Washington Virtual Clinic, a pilot program aimed at utilizing technology to better meet the needs of patients and their evolving view of medicine. This is a collaboration with team members from and was developed by myself and their Design Director, Robert Grubbs.
The Giving Pledge
How might digital solutions provide more robust opportunities for pledgers, their family, and key staff to connect with and learn from each other so that each pledge can be fulfilled most effectively and at the level of engagement that matches individual preferences?
(Project) The Potential for Digital in Future Giving
UX design, UX research, UI design, Interaction design
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